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Varying Definitions of Beauty from England to Japan

What makes someone beautiful? How you answer that question could very well depend upon the culture in which you were raised. Different standards of beauty from culture to culture dictate which types of beauty products will rise in popularity…

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How YouTube is Changing the Pharma Industry

YouTube … It’s the number two search engine after Google with users consuming more than six billion hours of video a month. What does this mean for the Pharma industry? An opportunity … To increase traffic, exposure, visibility, engagement and brand awareness. An... read more

RRx Gets Up Close and Personal

REALITYRx recognizes the role that personal care products play in contributing to overall health and well-being. And INNOSPEC strongly appreciates the agency’s proven ability to develop standout marketing that applies to their customized formulations and product offerings.

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Content Marketing: Kick-start the Conversation

If you’re interested in advertising your business, product, or brand online (and lets face it—if you’re not, you should be) an inherent drive to stay relevant will put you face to face with an important term the experts labeled “content marketing.”

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Tapping Patient App Potential

Ever-evolving technology has also made health and wellness information more accessible, enabling patients to take a more active role in their own healthcare.

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Branding in the Digital Age

We’re just as excited as you are to discuss new, rich media delivery, but first creating the best message is essential to sound strategy development.

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Accessibility of Innovation

Innovation is at the core of human progress and therefore at the core of the pharmaceutical industry. However, an innovative product is useless if it is not accessible to the patients, physicians, nurses, and healthcare professionals who should be using it.

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Information Overload

The Internet has much of the information a patient may need, the correct information should be reinforced by his or her doctor, nurse or caregiver to prevent misinformation.

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