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The Beginning: Solutions & "You" Campaign The launch of the Global Solutions campaign reflects BRACCO's comprehensive, customer-centric approach to the diagnostic imaging market
Suite Icons Visual iconography is developed to represent specialized diagnostic department suites, emphasizing BRACCO's overall portfolio and customer engagement
Going Global Integrated Solutions went global at RSNA 2009, highlighting BRACCO's total, unified commitment to the diagnostic community. The rollout included a comprehensive touch screen portfolio. Global brand guidelines were also introduced, integrating BRACCO's overall communication
More than a New Look for MR Contrast ProHance® introduces its new "Stability" safety campaign while setting the standard for the updated BDI solutions branded look
Reinvigorating Empower With the relaunch of Empower Contrast Injector Systems, the BRACCO business model was evolving and expanding. The campaign included a new, interactive website featuring an array of informative testimonial and 3D technical videos
The Next Big Thing BRACCO announced its entry into the world of diagnostic informatics software with the introduction of the futuristic NEXO brand character at RSNA 2012. This milestone accomplishment represents another major advance and proof point that BDI is fully vested in the concept of integrated diagnostic brand solutions
The BDI Digital Sales Force Feature-rich, highly engaging, and comprehensive, the BRACCO iPad EVA is introduced to the Sales Force. The interactive sales tool is changing the way BRACCO engages their customers, building relationships and business
EmpowerCTA® Enhancements The new, visionary design of the EmpowerCTA®+ injector was introduced with the Touching is Believing campaign, showcasing the latest safety features and touch screen design from BRACCO. A true advocate of the diagnostic imaging community, BRACCO's latest advancements enable technologists to streamline their workflow and support patient safety by giving them more control over each procedure
Reinventing ISOVUE® ISOVUE has been chosen by radiologists for more than 25 years. To revitalize the leading brand, the Contrastability campaign was launched, reintroducing ISOVUE as the solution that still has the most sought after qualities in the imaging field. Contrastability reflects BRACCO's unwavering commitment to producing imaging solutions that are consistently safe and effective
NEXO Dose Radiates Radiation exposure management moves front and center with the NEXO Dose campaign, an extension of the NEXO brand personality. With new radiation mandates on the horizon, BRACCO's timely launch of NEXO Dose reaffirmed the company's position as an industry leader, poised to meet the needs of the ever-evolving world of healthcare
Unifying the Full Line of Contrast Media BRACCO continues to unify the company's portfolio under the Integrated Solutions concept, bringing new energy to the long-established, most trusted brandsof contrast media that imaging clinicians turn to for a variety of indications
Breakthrough Usability with ISOVUE® IBP With the launch of FDA-approved ISOVUE® Imaging Bulk Package, Contrastability took on anot her dimension. BRACCO changed the world of imaging when the long-trusted brand became the first to address issues of efficiency and compliance in the CT suite