Branding in the Digital Age: The Right Reality

In the digital age of instant messaging, it’s tempting to think that the media we use to market pharmaceutical brands has radically changed our overall strategy. It can also be tempting to set your sights on a digital delivery channel before your brand’s message has even been developed.

In today’s hurry up and wait world, some are so concerned with how to deliver the message that they lose sight of the all-important message itself; the media becomes the message. Let the questions about apps, blogs, and banner ads fly, but let’s keep focus on creating a message that will help your brand soar.

We’re just as excited as you are to discuss new, rich media delivery, but first creating the best message is essential to sound strategy development. From a brand-building perspective, we would even skywrite your message as long as it were focused and strategically on point. When we say “The Right Dose,” we are stressing the importance of delivering the right message by the right means—whether it’s digital, print, or, yes, even skywriting.

Working with an enthusiastic team, it can sometimes be challenging to move away from the proverbial kitchen sink method and into a focused line of thinking. This is especially true when you factor in the world of social media and the possibility of instant outreach, but we know that developing and delivering a focused, impactful message takes a commitment to market understanding and digging deep into the essence of the brand. We also know it takes time.

The truth is, the “faster, faster” attitude sacrifices strategy. It is critical to adapt a bottom-up, strategic approach, and to walk, not run, towards the right answer. We call this the right reality.

So, what does the right reality mean? It means pushing past the perception of what the team thinks their brand is, and finding the angle that sets it apart. It also means bringing the right team members together to guide your strategy along the path to success; not just “yes men.”

The right choices should lead to a brand that is aspirational, yet grounded in reality. Communication channels are constantly changing, but staying true to a smart strategy will help your message really take off.

Brands connect with both sides of the brain equally well by simultaneously appealing to rational motivators and answering emotional needs.
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