Healthcare Marketing Strategy

Keeping it R.E.A.L.

Every strategy, message, concept, and tactic is subjected to R.E.A.L. scrutiny before it leaves the shop. Is it Relevant, Easy, Arresting, and Legitimate?

Relevant: Does it address your target audience’s needs and desires? Leverage the market situation? Advance the brand objectives?
Easy: Is it clearly focused? Understandable? Uncluttered? Simple to implement?
Arresting: Does it demand attention? Capture the imagination? Make a lasting impact?
Legitimate: Is it believable and founded on facts rather than wishful thinking? Accurate? Consistent with guidelines?

Our Step-wise Global Brand Process

“The key to global branding is uncovering a single universal truth or insight that drives strategy”

Our Global Branding Process involves a step-wise team approach to understanding the market and gaining key insights into market drivers. From this strategic compass, we create focused creative and tactical efforts.

Our senior core strategy team works with our client’s marketing team to identify key challenges and opportunities in access, awareness, trial, and usage. This team works together to develop, refine, and roll out the global plan.

Brand Reality

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any path will do”
—Russell Bishop

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